Womp Womp…

So much for a post a day. It’s insane how easily one day missed turns into many. But the truth is sometime the pressures of work deadlines are more pressing than personal deadlines. I’ve also been spending most of my blog allocated time to trying to figure out how to install a new framework for a theme makeover. I know, I know, a few posts in and I’m already working on an overhaul. But this theme just isn’t quite what I envisioned and I intend on going full tilt this time around.

Anyway, I’m not a techy person at all, which means there’s a steep learning curve for me here and I’m not doing so well yet. But I WILL GET THERE. And then you can all be like “oooh, ahhh! what a shiny new site you have!” right? And I’ll get to smile with a cuppa and pretend we’re all having tea together. Won’t that be nice?

What projects have you been getting hung up on lately?

Anything proving to be a more difficult climb than you expected?

Let me know and I’ll be a little source of encouragement.


Letty x


4 thoughts on “Womp Womp…

  1. Jeyna and Letty… you look alike lol. Anyway, if you check out this link http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/zero-to-hero-end/#past they have a ‘zero to hero’ thing that gives bloggers a challenge each day to get their blog set up. There is a list somewhere of the challenges so you can click on the ones you are interested in but I remember it having some really good layout info etc πŸ™‚
    My reader is challenging me at the moment – I want to keep on top of it but real life and good weather are distracting me…still better to be distracted by reality than blogging isnt it?


  2. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll definitely check this out! I always have a hard time keeping on top of reading, but try we must! And I completely agree, paying attention to real life is a great excuse in my books, especially if there is sun included.

    Sorry for the late reply, apparently I never pressed post when I originally responded ages ago!


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