Beckoning Bluebells


I’ve had a fascination with bluebells for just over a year now. I had heard that there is a quintessentially British occurrence in early May when the bluebells burst into full bloom for a few short weeks and blanket forests. I had heard that there is an enchanting perfume that hangs in the spring air when you’re lucky enough to be immersed in one of these tucked away woodlands. And I had heard that the introduction of Spanish bluebells to Britain could mean this natural wonder may cease to exist one day. How could anyone resist such intrigue and magic?

The story goes like this: There is more than one type of bluebell, the British bluebell and Spanish bluebell have evolved separately creating two varieties with different traits. But with the recent introduction of Spanish bluebells into British gardens there is now a third variety, a hybrid bluebell. Some concern also exists surrounding the possibility of forever losing the British bluebell as the Spanish and hybrids start to creep into the British wild. Dun dun dunnnn. Seriously though, these things could happen.

And ever since I learned of this whole situation, I try to investigate every little bluebell I see along sidewalks and in gardens to find out for myself. Part of my intrigue came from watching a little video by the Natural Museum, which goes through how to identify native British bluebells from other types. And, I mean who doesn’t like to play spot the differences?

Anyhow, about a month ago, the heavens cooperated with a gorgeous sunny day, and off I went with Rich, Fluffy and my good friend Sarah (who writes The Laughing Medusa) to find what we could. Living in Bristol, I’m fortunate enough to be near a few places bluebells flourish. We chose to go to Prior’s Wood near Portbury for the afternoon. And below are my spoils from the day.

DSC_0173_Fotor DSC_0162_Fotor DSC_0139_Fotor DSC_0135_Fotor DSC_0129_FotorΒ  DSC_0035_Fotor

Getting out to see the bluebells made me feel like I’m making the most of living in Bristol. It’s also something I really wanted to do this year, so I’m very pleased with myself for getting it crossed off my list!

Have you gotten around to accomplishing one of your goals recently? Or been anywhere enchanting? If so, let me know about it. I love swapping stories and good spots!

Take care lovelies,

Colette xx


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