Fuzzy Feeling Friday

Photo on 2014-07-18 at 9.50 AM

Hello Lovelies,

It’s a glorious, July Friday and I feel like giving some gratitude. Today has not been particularly rewarding, or productive and that is usually cause enough for me to feel defeat. However, today I refuse. Today is a good day.

This morning started out grey and muggy with the ongoing heat we’ve been having in Bristol. And the amount of energy it took me to throw myself out of bed this morning made me feel a bit anxious. I willed myself to the bathroom to splash my face with water and get the day going. I laboured over how to dress myself and spent longer than I should have eating breakfast. Then just before dragging myself out of the house I thought LIPSTICK. A bright swipe of a wine-red shade was exactly what I needed to help me take on the day.


I took my best bud Ceinwyn out for a walk, it was still a bit grey but the exercise made me feel a little more optimistic about the day. We ran and walked about until she was hot and tired, and then we settled into one of my local pubs, The Victoria Park. I cracked open my laptop, ordered some delicious chips and started working away. But I still wasn’t at 100%. Eventually, as I took a moment to look out the window I felt renewed -SUNSHINNNEEEE! Bright and beautiful golden rays streaming down everywhere, and I instantly felt better about everything.

Sometimes all we need to get through the day are a few good omens to throw our faith into. Today I’m grateful for my bright lippy and the sunshine making an appearance to uplift me.

What are you feeling grateful for today?

To perfect pecks and golden tans!

Colette xx


2 thoughts on “Fuzzy Feeling Friday

  1. I love love love this blog.

    Sometimes, I just need a reminder that my bestfriend loves me and I can get on with my day πŸ™‚



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