Focus on the Positives

Scardey Cat by Kurt Halsey

Today I’m trying to focus on the positives. Just moments ago, I wasn’t doing that. I was looking at my blog thinking, “You were picking up some traction, writing more regularly, and then you slipped -like you always do! If you want to have time, you need to make time!! Your baby blog can’t grow if you don’t nourish it!!! I’m killing my baby!!!!” Then I took a breath, and scrolled through my posts again. I noticed that I’ve consistently posted a blog a month for the last few months, then in October I posted twice. So really, that’s progress. I haven’t moved any mountains here, but that’s better than not having made any gains. It’s only November 3rd, I have tons of time to also post twice this month. Progress, that’s what’s important. Nobody builds anything amazing in a day! (Especially an amazing blog.)

Right?! Of course I’m right. So now I’m grasping onto that tiny slice of progress. That teeny little positive. Focusing on that, I feel hopeful rather than hopeless. That is the power of focusing on the positives.

The point is this: I try. And just because I didn’t make a vast transformation all at once, doesn’t mean I have to be mean to myself about it. And neither do you. Even if I hadn’t written an extra post in October, I could have seen that I am producing varied and interesting content, or that I went to my first blog event. There is almost always something positive you can focus on in a situation.

Negative thinking is all too easy to be consumed in. I’m not religious, as much as spiritual, but we all know that everyone is a sinner. For some reason we’re all too quick to see ourselves as undeserving of happiness and positivity. I promise you, there is nothing productive to come out of negative thinking and self-loathing. By indulging in a negative thought cycle you become closed to the possibilities around you, by finding something positive to focus on, you instantly become more open to better things that are coming your way.

So the next time you’re being a negative Nancy about your own failed efforts, I want you to stop yourself in your tracks. Take a breath to release the fear that is gripping you. Grab a pen and paper and write down the positives about your situation. If you truly can’t see anything in your current situation, write down anything you’ve accomplished recently, any progress you’ve made, and anything positive that has happened to you. Even small things, like making your bed, or remembering to water your plant should go on the list.

Open your eyes to the positives and hold them tightly to your heart.

What do you do when you start to feel negativity take over?

Love and hope,

Colette x



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