15 in 2015

Happy New YearI know, I know, I’m late to the new year resolution conversation, but that’s okay. Last year I didn’t really set any. This year I’m doing two things instead of making traditional resolutions.

A) I’m making a list of 15 things I want to do this year, sort of premeditating some of the experiences and adventures I want to incorporate into 2015. And that’s what this post will all come around to if you bear with me a minute.

B) I’m planning to hone and improve the day-to-day systems I use in my life. By this I mean the daily practices that I use to keep me in the right mindset, as well as productivity methods, eating habits, exercise routines, EVERYTHING that makes up my day/week/month. Of course, I have some personal goals I’m setting, but this year I’m going to discover how much more opens up to you when you focus on the process rather than the end result. More on this to come in a future post.

Now I bet you’re just burning with desire to see what I’m hoping to get up to in 2015. Without further ado, the list….

15 in 2015

1. A calligraphy class

2. Try vegetarianism

3. 6 different 30 day challenges

4. Learn how to properly use my camera

5. Visit Glasgow

6. Visit Harry Potter studios

7. Make my own green smoothie

8. Write weekly blog posts ๐Ÿ˜‰

9. Start Geo Caching (find 5)

10. Meet more brilliant women in Bristol (maybe start a reading group)

11. Bake 12 new recipes

12. Start keeping a journal again

13. Take a ride in a hot air balloon

14. Go to a festival

15. Grow a plant (or keep one alive)

Have you set any new year resolutions? Are you planning do to any of the things on my list this year? Let me know!

Bright dreams and big ideas,

Colette x


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