Tarot Card Reading from Kisses & Chaos

Kisses & Chaos Single Tarot Card Reading January can be a bit hectic with all the momentum of doing EVERYTHING we envisioned for ourselves at the end of 2014 all at once. I’ve definitely been feeling a little bit like a hamster in a running wheel trying to keep up with everything I need to do and everything new that I’m trying to make work. A great way to counteract this is with more fun new things! No but really, a little outside perspective and clarity can help you regain your composure.

I’m also all about trying new things and one of my driving feelings that I’m trying to bring into the present moment is to feel magical; so really nothing makes more sense than having my first tarot reading done. Luckily I was in possession of a discount voucher for a single tarot card reading from Kisses and Chaos, which I received in my goodie bag from the Urban Retreat I attended last month.

Kisses & Chaos Tarot Readings

Kisses & Chaos

Getting onto the Kisses and Chaos website is already an experience with all of the weird and wonderful work by the lovely Alli Woods Frederick to check out. Among a number of things, Alli is an intuitive, photographer, artist, and blogger. And among her products are Single Card, Three Card, and Year At A Glance, an yearly subscription tarot card readings. Perfect for a taster experience, I grabbed my coupon code and sent away for my blind single card reading. Generally, Alli gets back to you with your beautifully laid out results in 2 business days, but it can take a bit longer over busy periods (like the new year).

Kisses and Chaos sells blind tarot readings which means that your reading is done without them having any information about you. You don’t get to ask any questions, request that the reading be about a certain area of your life, or anything. “What? Why?!” you say. The idea is that you’ve asked the universe to give you feedback on your life, and the reading you receive is the universe sending you some vibes, via Alli and the internet. More importantly, you get the message that you need to hear, rather than the message you want to hear.

My Reading

Kisses & haos Tarot Reading

The style of the reading is attractively laid out in a PDF. It’s all very easy to follow. Having never done this before I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I received an idea of what the card means and Alli’s interpretations on how that card would relate to my life. As with any intuitive work, there were some pieces of information that I didn’t find very well suited to me, but I’m trying to keep an open mind as to how the insights I received may have different reverberations than implied. After all, the idea is supposed to be that your reading provides what you NEED to hear, so sometimes you just need to take a little time for it to sink in and make sense. There is definitely something magical about feeling like someone has connected to your energy from thousands of miles away.

I was also moved by how sincere and thorough my reading was. You can see that Alli takes her time to really get in touch with her intuition and your energy. She clearly gives even a single card reading her full attention. I don’t know that I’m ready to go in for a monthly subscription yet, but I’d definitely be interested in pulling a card from fate’s clenched fist again some time in the future.

Mission totally accomplished of feeling a little more magical in my everyday, and plucking some wisdom and perspective from the universe.

Discount Voucher!

If you’d like to see what the cards hold for you, I have a little sumthin’-sumthin’ that you’ll like! You can use my discount code created especially for you lovely people to get a deal on your very own Kisses & Chaos tarot reading. Just hop over to the website, and use the code below when purchasing ANY of their tarot reading services. That’s right you have your pick of the lot. There are only a limited number of yearly subscriptions left, so don’t delay if that’s what you’re drawn to. You have until midnight on Valentine’s Day to show yourself some love and take advantage of this gracious offer.

Kisses & Chaos Love, Letty Voucher

What do you think of tarot readings? Have you had any interesting experiences? Are you keen to get your own Kisses & Chaos reading done? I would love to know!

Love, Magic, & Perspective,

Colette xx

Photos: All images in this post are © Alli Woods Frederick


2 thoughts on “Tarot Card Reading from Kisses & Chaos

  1. I am pleased as punch that you enjoyed it your reading!…and you’re correct that sometimes parts of readings don’t always immediately resonate with us, but, given time, nine times out of ten something will click either internally or externally that makes the fog lift and everything fall into place. It’s like when you’re trying to recall the name of a book and you think and you think and you think, desperate to remember and then decide to quit trying to remember because you’re driving yourself insane. So you let it go and then a week later – POP! There it is. Funny how things work sometimes, isn’t it?
    And I am honored to have had the opportunity to help you in your journey to bring more magic into your life. It was an absolute privilege. Thank you, Colette. ❤


    • Alli, you’re a diamond! I’m so grateful that this reading brought us together. You have been a joy to work with, and I look forward to the possibility of making magic with you in the future! ❤


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