Black Heart Creatives Jewellery Workshop

Black Heart Creatives Workshop

Calling all big sparkly heart lovers! On February 12th, I attended a fabulous little workshop by Black Heart Creatives, hosted at The Crazy Fox cafe in Bristol. I’ve never tried my hand at jewellery making, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would probably be a very straight forward “how to” on the basics and we’d all end up walking out with the exact same set of Valentine’s themed heart earrings and matching single pendant necklace. Well, I should have known better considering that Black Heart Creatives was at the helm of this workshop.

BH Creatives Workshop

The Business

Black Heart Creatives is a custom, statement laser cut acrylic jewellery brand. Founder, designer, and jewellery maker Charlotte is an amazing spirit. She’s all personality and sass, with a strong sense of her brand and industry. It’s no surprise that her labour of love has quickly become a recognized contender among independent brands providing affordable, unique, and custom acrylic jewellery. I was totally in love with her fun, open, straight-talking nature. And a quick look at her website shows you her pieces are too-die-for if you love bright, bold, and chunky jewellery.

Black Heart Creatives Jewellery Workshop

The Venue

Entering the inviting Crazy Fox cafe, I skipped over the idea of an evening coffee or tea and grabbed a cider. And in typical Colette fashion, I bought a delicious veggie panini only to find I was the only one eating. Not too surprising as I’m ALWAYS eating! Anyway, luckily someone else showed up a bit peckish and ordered a tasty looking bagel to level the snacking field a little. The Crazy Fox is an independent coffee bar. Their staff were really sweet and helpful. The cafe itself had a nice vibe, and I can’t wait to revisit for a coffee. I’ve been waiting for a cafe like this to appear around Broadmead, especially after my old favourite one closed down.

Custom Jewellery Workshop

Custom Acrylic Jewellery Black Heart Creatives

Β The Workshop

Lovely Charlotte brought pre-cut acrylic hearts and arrows in various colours and everything we needed to create our own bespoke earrings and necklaces. Her wealth of knowledge helped us create pieces that represented our individual flair within the two hour workshop. The atmosphere was very relaxed as we chatted away, balancing racy conversation and polite compliments. I had so much fun vibe-ing with these women and finding a different outlet for my creativity.

Acrylic Jewellery Workshop

I was very happy with the way my necklace turned out. I wore it on Valentine’s day and I’m sure I’ll find many more reasons to don my sparkly hearts and arrows. Using the skills I gained, I should even be able to fix a few broken pieces of jewellery at home. Black Heart Creatives plan to keep the workshops going, and I definitely recommend hitting one up. So stayed tune to their twitter, or events page for an opportunity near you. This workshop was Β£16. But there’s no reason to wait, you can buy your own custom piece or one of their fabulously kitch designs on their website.

Colette's Custom Jewellery Black Heart Creatives

I’d love to know if you’ve attended any workshops lately? Or maybe you make your own jewellery too? I love independent brands and creatives of all types, so I’d be really keen to hear all about it!

Hearts and sparkles,

Colette xx


2 thoughts on “Black Heart Creatives Jewellery Workshop

    • I hear you, I don’t think I ever would have got around to in if I didn’t take the workshop. I love workshops for that reason, they’re like a taster session for things I’m curious about. πŸ™‚


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