Colette Hanson

Ready for the ramblings?…

My dreams and spirit have always been bigger than I am (not too hard, standing in at around 5’2″ ). Since the first time I lived abroad at 16 years old, I was sure I wanted to create a life “elsewhere” to experience the multiplicity of being from two places at once. In truth, being a third culture kid, and the first Canadian born of my family, I’ve always lived a life of shared meanings. It’s what I’m made of.

IMG_9998At 18, I got my British passport (thanks for dual citizenship, Dad!) and at 25 I finally moved to jolly ol’ England. I now live in Bristol with my fiance and our beautiful dog, and… I. Am. Loving. It.

I made a huge leap, not only across the ocean, but into the world of self-employment when I first arrived. And recently I’ve decided to shake things up again, to really start working toward my dreams. This is undoubtedly invigorating but scary stuff, which I know others are going through too. I take a holistic approach to lifestyle creation. By that I mean designing a lifestyle requires addressing all areas of life: our relationships with ourselves, our bodies, our desires, our daily practices, others, and our business planning. I want to help people create the lives they want and love themselves way more in the process (this is key!!).Colette Mini Put

Love, Letty is two parts guidance on embracing yourself and creating your own amazing life, one part my journey of lifestyle creation and dream actualization, and one part pure fun! (I want to do it all, and life’s more inspiring this way, so I willΒ damn well try!)

I like to think that I’m one part magic, one part friend, and a million parts heart.

Colette & CeinwynIf you’re trying to create a certain lifestyle for yourself or want to discover how to give the best to yourself, we should be fast friends! And if you’re happy with the life you have, but are looking for insights, inspiration, or sparkle, then I have something to dish up for you too!

As I spend more time on this space, I’m quickly becoming passionate about blogging. I love connecting with people whether to help them discover something new, to learn from them, or just to have giggle. So don’t be shy to reach out!


Whatever brought you here, please grab a cuppa and stay awhile,

Colette xx


CONTACT ME! For collaborations, to hire me, or for any other reason, you can reach me at colettehanson@gmail.com


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