Quick Tips – 2 Minute Makeup

Hello my lovelies!

I’ve decided to try my hand at a Quick Tips series, which will probably feature a range of topics from style to cleaning and anything in between.

For our first Quick Tip I’ve chosen to let you in on a little makeup trick I like to use. Now, this trick isn’t going to work for people who are fervently committed to applying everything from primer to finishing powder every day, because this routine hinges on not doing most of that. I personally don’t wear makeup everyday, even when I go out (shocking, I know, the horror!). Seriously though, I often skip makeup all together, even though I do love the stuff. Even when I wear makeup I often like to go for a more natural look. (Except for when I don’t. I like to mix it up. ) Anyway, this look is for days when I want to look more “put together” or “finished” without having to dabble with foundations and blushers etc. So let’s get to it!

Get the look above in 2 minutes, or 4 simple steps:

1. Under eye concealer to hide the bags under my tired eyes. I’m using an e.l.f. concealer from one of their concealer pallets that I’ve had forever. (You can shop their whole range here.)

2. Lightly outline and fill in eyebrows with the eyebrow kit of your choice, and then brush them into place. In this look I’m using an Annabelle medium brown eyebrow pencil.

3. Apply a single coat of your favourite mascara. You want your eye lashes to have full coverage, but we’re keeping it light with a naturally, daytime look. Today I’m using Avon’s SuperShock mascara. (If you’re in Bristol, U.K., I can hook you up through my online shop here.)

4. Add a shade of lippy. The one used here is Avon’s Perfect Kiss lipstick in Berry Smooch. Which I might add is a perfect shade for the season.

And that’s it, you’re done! You can get on with your day!

The key to this 2 minute routine is to just focus in on the finishing touches. Bright lipstick, and perfect eyebrows give the illusion of a carefully put together makeup look without all the extra labour. When I’m feeling really washed out in the face, I’ll also add a quick dose of illuminating or bronzing pearls to the top of my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. And when I’m feeling really lazy but need a pick me up, I forget everything else and just throw on a swipe of bright lipstick. It can do wonders, trust me. I even get loads of people telling me how “nice I look” when all I’ve managed to put on before stumbling out of the house is red lipstick.

Did you like this post? Would you like to see more like this? Please let me know!

Do you have any of your own quick makeup tips?

Berry pecks & cheeky eyebrows,

Colette x